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 lol kisame cheating?

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lol kisame cheating? Empty
PostSubject: lol kisame cheating?   lol kisame cheating? Icon_minitimeWed 25 Feb - 16:05

[13:46] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: hi
[13:46] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: its me jester from Lw what do u think about the video .....
[13:48] -Lw-Dark*E-: lol I think the same as you xD, and idk man Razz I don't know u enough to believe after that demo, and I think u can understand xD, man that demo looked 100% af =/, it wasnt even aim u went by them with ur crosshair u didnt aim and hold crosshair on them, srsly every1 who sees it will say af =/ if it's not then that's rly fucked up for you that's for sure
[13:49] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i know lol
[13:49] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: but u was with me in this scrim
[13:49] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i have got this moment only 1 min
[13:49] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: in all the scrim xD
[13:50] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and i have do it after i said to u i cant rj and my keyboard fuck
[13:51] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and i was bored and made it for fun ^^
[13:51] -Lw-Dark*E-: yeah but idk man, I didnt spec u that scrim I only saw the demo, and u know cheats can be toggled, atleast some can :S, I got my own problems atm 2 for [i] accusing me -.-
[13:51] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: but lol
[13:52] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: kinda fun cause it happend only for 3 suspect shoot
[13:52] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: 2 in quad
[13:52] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: one other failed
[13:52] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: 2 failed
[13:52] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: why they dont admit it can be luck too -_-
[13:53] -Lw-Dark*E-: but their not blind shots any1 would just take, their way off a place u could know they were there
[13:53] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: humm with sound im fucking good
[13:53] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i did know where they are
[13:53] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: but not exactly
[13:54] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and moves i do
[13:54] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: if u spec me in every scrim
[13:54] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: are all time the same
[13:55] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i made it combinate to i dont looked where i shoot
[13:55] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and it shooted on the guy
[13:55] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: its just luck
[13:55] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: every players can got moment like this
[13:56] -Lw-Dark*E-: heh yeah it sucks, I mean idk to believe u or not, but if u didnt hack ur really fucked for the fact cheats exist, I hate the fact cheats exist on any game I would play, but I did hack on maplestory Razz even though I hated hackers there 2, but that's different cuz maplestory is just lame xD an rpg with 1000's of hours of grinding mobs hehe
[13:56] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: lol
[13:56] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i have never hack in any games exept postal 2
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: for got 1000 cat
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and shooting in air
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: its funny xD
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: cats fall and on the ground they are explosion of blood
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: xD
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: u shoot many cats and they fall in same time
[13:57] -Lw-Dark*E-: lawl, I saw the movie recently
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: ^^
[13:57] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: funny xD
[13:57] -Lw-Dark*E-: hehe yeah
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i did cheat only for got that
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: in q3
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: never ..
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: habitually im all time suspected wh
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: xD
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and this time
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: it was autofire
[13:58] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: the problem is i got rly nothing
[13:59] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: about wh i have already show & take webcam records
[13:59] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: for proove
[13:59] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: but about it i cant cause it was luck pure luck
[13:59] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and now they can think i have delete hax
[13:59] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: -_-
[13:59] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: then idk what can i do
[14:00] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: some players have ever do it too and believe me
[14:00] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: like Quarck phoenix & all
[14:00] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: it cant happend many times
[14:00] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: my name is jester not merky xD im not pro has him
[14:01] -Lw-Dark*E-: idk man, if ur clean and I'm not sure u are Razz u've seen the demo hehe, it's one of the best proof u can get for af so I really doubt ur story but I don't deny the fact it could have been pure luck, either way ur screwed idk how u could proof it if u were clean
[14:01] -Lw-Dark*E-: idk how I can agg [i] cuz idk what they accuse me off, lol they even claim I admitted to cheating, stupid motherfuckers.
[14:01] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: lol
[14:02] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: ^^
[14:03] -Lw-Dark*E-: idk if it matters though, maybe 1.16 will die for quake life, and no1 can ban u there but ppl from ID
[14:03] -Lw-Dark*E-: but they might even ba nyou if they saw that demo if u did that on quake live Razz
[14:04] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: lol i dont care personaly i know i havent cheat
[14:07] -Lw-Dark*E-: well, I just hope for you you won't get that lucky in a scrim agg, and after a while ul be just labled as an ex-cheater =/ if ur clean u'l know u won't be and that's important, and most ppl don't care about ex-cheats.
[14:08] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: lal but im not ex cheater or something
[14:08] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: 7 years i play
[14:09] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: almost 3 years im suspected cheating
[14:09] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and 3 years i play fucking good in rail
[14:09] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: then i dont need anything LOL
[14:10] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: why more if im all time 1st in scrim? xD it happend only the 1st time like that in scrim .... u can watch all my demo & all u can see im right
[14:11] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: im rly satisfacted about my level
[14:11] -Lw-Dark*E-: well, u might be able to proove somth with a demo like that, if u had a much better game than that on a demo, u can post it and show u don't need cheats, the reason I might belive u is because it'd be bullshit to use cheats against a clan as nn
[14:12] -Lw-Dark*E-: u can't prove u didnt cheat, it just looks to much like it, but if u proof u don't need cheats they might aknowledge it as luck but not every1 will believe u
[14:13] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: lol ye they are easy
[14:13] -Lw-Dark*E-: we did bad actualy but that's not the point Razz
[14:13] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: lol is like many times i proove i need any cheat
[14:13] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: and that im good
[14:13] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: like that
[14:14] -Lw-Dark*E-: yeah, I demo all my games, but I didnt on the game they accuse me off, and I know they knew that cuz I told that in teamchat, I said I couldnt demo cuz I didnt change the name of the demo before and it would overwrite
[14:14] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i already gave some other video to titan when i play
[14:14] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: i record myself vs good clan or when is 3v3 or more
[14:15] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: 2v2 vs nn i dont needed rly record that Surprised habitually 2v2 are such camp
[14:15] -Lw-Dark*E-: yeah 2v2 is lame
14:16] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: lol kk ill back later
[14:16] |>AdX<|Kakuzu.L: pz
[14:17] -Lw-Dark*E-: pz
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lol kisame cheating?
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